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PR Fashion- and Lifestyle Portrait
People who are aware of fashion and lifestyle develop trends and thus generate public attention. They become role models for others and influence target groups and even entire market segments.
Not infrequently, this is the beginning of a new and successful story that we can follow daily in the social media or its continuation. On the other hand, pr fashion and lifestyle shoots are routine for designers, magazines or professional sales manager in the industry for various reasons.  
In any case, these shootings are among the most booked with the highest level of attention. We differentiate PR fashion/lifestyle shootings into „commercial und „ot commercial“. In commercial shootings, a brand or company is in the foreground as the sender. It is about topic-specific presentations and content for advertising and PR purposes. It is even possible to be campaigned. „Non commercial Fashion and Lifestyle Portraits“ are purely personal self-portayal without reference to commercial purposes. However, the effort and character of these shootings do not change as a result. Only costs and image usage rights are different.
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