PR Portrait Art Book Shoot
V i s u a l
Factory Shanghai
Frame work
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Frame work
Portrait Photography: PR Press Media • Art Matters Stuff • Exhibition Artwork
Pre-Opening Meeting: Art Exhibition and speech about Portrait-Photography, Shanghai 2019
Mein Schiff 1: Sea day Central America. Birthday gift (14 y.o) from parents. 1 hour regular Pre-Meeting onboard
2 hours shooting: Spot Portrait outside the regular photo portfolio. Black/white Shoot. Result: 6 big print frames
PR Story Shoot, GQ Magazine, Shanghai
Atelier and 3 Locations, 3 Outfits Reportage 6 double pages
PR Press Portraits: Exclusive Promo Tour Accompany/Documentary, AC Milan China: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen, Hong Kong
Mrs. Revetta Conley Dallas, Tx. USA Jazz Vocals Artist Portrait
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Portrait Photography