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In regular shoots (Only Client and Photographer) the Photographer is automatically also Director of Photography with responsibility for all what will happen Location or in a Studio. In the most cases Client and Photographer act direct with „free ideas and random scenes“. This relation changed at that moment, if an Agency or a Creative Director is involved. The Creative Director lead the shoot. The reason is simple: Campaign- or PR Story-Artwork base on creative concepts, written by a Creative Director.  It describes the expected creative results detailed in advance. Creative Concepts and Creative Briefings are binding by agreement and connected with proposals to fulfill later communication targets. In the next step there is a Photographer-Call like a casting. The committed Photographer has to understand: Idea/conceptual briefings Picture Language Style Feelings and Emotions Technical Requirements …and a lots of more. After the Shoot a written documentary can be mandatory. This is a very complex and comprehensive scheme for realization, for communication, planning, logistic and coordination. There is a lot space for inefficient work, misunderstandings and faults. And that cost time and money. During the years between 1982 und 1992 Christian von der Eltz was involved as a Creative Director and associate Creative Director/Photography for huge brand campaign-shoot in Germany and other European countries. (Cars, Fashion, Luxury Accessory, FMCG) This experience he took over in his own Studio/Agency Company and developed the philosophy:
Reduced :             On a  theme (auf ein Thema) Focussed:            On a idea (auf eine Idee) Intensive:              … in the dispute (in der Wahrnehmung und                             Nameable Brands, Magazines, Public People and Models with long term experience in Photo Shootings are surprised, what means:
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