Copy writing and Photography is the only answer for the question how to build brands, image and „personal standing“. It also effects sales-results in e-commerce.              
Commercial Portraiture-Photography draws the line to Fashion and other global themes …and reverse. Certainly with graphic and copy writing portraiture becomes a advertising- visual, a sales campaign or a PR- Story. But it starts exactly with it. And without it remains perhaps as an artistic photography.
© All photos by Christian von der Eltz
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Both are  essential pre-conditions to create media-content. It engendered desire and brand-awareness or simply informations and entertainment; but with impact and influence. On the one hand the Photographer needs to have long years experience and artistic skills, otherwise technical skills and equipment are deciding. Therefore I  dont‘t produce cheap or low-cost. But cost-conscious. Finally clients also don‘t expect cheap looking results. The fees are appropriate at the rate of time, technical effort,  professional service-requirements and know-how. Please consider our work-flow. We don‘t want to change  for a lot of good reasons. Thank you very much.
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